Licensing Requirements


Complete list of State Agencies for Private Water Well Driller Licensing/Registration:

Alaska Contractor Licensing Information:

Arizona Water Well Driller Licensing Information:
For information and application packet, contact Mike Ball at

Arkansas Driller Licensing Information:

California Water Well Driller Licensing Information:

Colorado Water Well Driller and Pump Installer Licensing Information:

Connecticut Drilling Licensing Information:

Delaware Drilling Licensing Information:
All persons who engage in the business of contracting for drilling, boring, coring, driving, digging, construction, installation, removal or repair of a well in the State of Delaware shall be licensed by the Department as a water well contractor. The State of Delaware requires all well drilling applicants have a minimum of 2 years of well drilling experience. The applicant must submit an application indicating what type of drilling license they are interested in, and include two references from 2 persons that are actively engaged in the well drilling business and that hold a current license as well driller. A monthly meeting of the Water Well Licensing Board will review the application and vote to approve/deny the application. Upon approval, the applicant will be notified to take the written exam that pertains to the type of license. Tests are given quarterly.

Georgia Water Well Driller Licensing Information:

Hawaii Water Well Driller Licensing Information:

A C-57 Well Contractor License or a C-57b Injection Well Contractor License is required for water well drilling. In general, the requirements for a contractor license are:  a good reputation for honesty, truthfulness financial integrity and fair dealing; four (4) years of supervisory experience within the past ten (10) years; successful completion of the contractor examination; and proof of liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

There are no continuing education requirements for licensed contractors in Hawaii. It is important to know that Hawaii Administrative Rules section 16-77-71 requires that the principal Responsible Managing Employee is in residence in Hawaii during the time the license of the contracting entity is in effect or during the period a project is under construction.

Idaho Driller Licensing Information:

Drillers’ licenses renew on a two-year cycle. Fourteen (14) Continuing Education Credits (CECs) are required, two (2) of which must be Idaho Rules & Regs in the two-year cycle.

Illinois Water Well and Pump Installation Licensing Information:

Iowa Water Well Drillers and Pump Installers Certification Information:
Summary of Iowa Well Contractor CE Requirements:

Kansas Driller Licensing Information:
One license allows you to drill geotechnical, environmental (including monitor well) and water well. A licensed water well contractor is required to complete 8 hours of continuing education every year.

Kentucky Water Well Driller Licensing Information:
Kentucky requires 5 hours of continuing education training per year.

Maine Drilling Licensing Information:
Those who drill for water wells, geothermal heat exchange wells, pump installation and hydrofracturing need to be licensed. Those who drill testing borings or monitor wells do NOT need to be licensed. Contact the Maine Water Well Commission (207) 287-5699 Doris Poirier (

Maryland Driller Licensing Information:
As part of Maryland’s strategy to assist in the orderly
development and protection of its groundwater
resources, the State Board of Well Drillers was created
in 1968. The Board of Well Drillers is responsible for
regulation of all those who engage in the practice of
well drilling in their own and the public interest. The
Board sets standards and administers qualifying
examinations to license individuals who drill water
supply and geotechnical wells, or install water pumps
or water conditioning equipment.

Michigan Water Well Driller and Pump Installer Licensing Information:

Minnesota Driller Licensing Information:

Missouri State Regulations for Water, Heat Pump and Monitoring Wells:

Montana Water Well Driller Licensing Information:
During each license year, July 1 – June 30, licensed well drillers are required to earn at least four
(4) continuing education credits (CE) by attending training sessions or participating in ongoing
education sponsored or approved by the Board of Water Well Contractors (BWWC) in order to
renew their driller’s license.

Nebraska Drilling Licensing Information:

Nevada Well Drillers Licensing Information:

New Hampshire Water Well Licensing Information:
Water Well Contractors:
Pump Installers:

New Mexico Water Well Driller Licensing Information:

New York Water Well Licensing Information:
In New York drillers must be registered with NYSDEC.

North Carolina Water Well Licensing Information:

The governing arm in North Carolina is the Department of Environment and Natural Resources/ Division of Water Quality. The lady’s name is Joanne Rutkofske and her phone number is 919-733-0026 and her fax # is 919-715-9433. The Well Contractors Certification Commission at 1618 Mail Service Center Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-1618 is where you mail your requests for approval on Continuing Ed credits and presentations.

North Dakota Water Well Driller and Pump Installer Licensing Information:

Ohio Private Water Systems Contractor Registration Forms and Information:
Contractors must register annually with the Ohio Department of Health

Oklahoma Drilling Licensing Information:
Licensing forms can be found at:

Continuing Education Requirements:

Oregon Driller Licensing Information for Water Wells and Monitor Wells:
Oregon Monitoring Well Constructor Licensing Information:

Pennsylvania Water Well Licensing Information:
Note: If a driller does only closed loop geothermal, or only installs pumps, or only does soil sampling with a geoprobe, then they are not required to obtain a PA water well drillers license.

South Carolina Water Well Licensing Information:
Molly Price, Board Administrator
Meredith Buttler, Program Coordinator

South Dakota Licensing Information:
Water Well Drilling:
Pump Installers:

Tennessee Water Well Licensing Information:

Texas Water Well Drillers and Pump Installers Licensing Information:

Utah Driller Licensing Information:
Drilling activities that require licensing are listed in Chapter 1 (  Drillers of environmental and water wells require a license, but geotechnical drillers do not.  Licensing requirements are listed in chapter 3 ( (Note: licensees are advised that the state engineer will not keep track of the continuing education courses each licensee attends during the year. Licensees are responsible to acquire and then submit documentation with the renewal application.)

Vermont Well Driller Licensing Information:

Virginia Well Driller Licensing Information:

Washington State Wells – Licensing, Construction and Reporting

West Virginia Water Well Licensing Information:
Master well drillers need 3 CEHs related to drilling (and 2 CEs related to pump installation if applicable). Journeyman well drillers need 2 CEs related to drilling (and 1 CE related to pump installation if applicable). Pump installers need 2 CEs related to pump installation. There are currently no CE requirements for monitor well drillers.

Wisconsin Water Well Licensing Information:
Licensed individual water well drillers and registered water well drilling rig operators are required to obtain 6 hours of continuing education annually in order to renew their license/registration for the following year.  Four of the six hours must be obtained at an education program cosponsored by the DNR and the Wisconsin Water Well Association.  The other two hours may be obtained by attending an approved course held during that same calendar year.

Wyoming Water Well Driller and Pump Installer Licensing Information:
Rules and Regulations: