Basic Geotechnical Procedures Qualification 101

There are 57 questions in this exam. Please read each question and the accompanying answers carefully. Select the BEST answer for each question. Your answers should be based on your experience as a driller, common sense and information you have reviewed in the Driller’s Manual. Take your time and choose your answers carefully. You will have as much time as you need to complete the exam. There is no time limit. You may start the exam and close out of it at any point. The program will remember where you left off. When you log in to the exam again, you will be in the correct place to continue with your exam.

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A score of 80% is required for successful completion of this exam.

Reminder – this is a graded test, please take time to review the study materials before you begin. The study guide for this exam is the National Drilling Association Driller’s Manual