Membership Dues


Manufacturer - Persons, firms, and/or corporations who manufacture products for the drilling industry.

Contractor - Persons, firms, and/or corporations who own and operate one or more drill rigs and contract for services.

Non-Contractor - Company that owns rigs and provides their own drilling, e.g. – engineering or mining company.

Consultant - Self-employed consulting individual and/or consulting firm.

Supplier/Distributor - Company that does not manufacture its own products, but sells new/used products made by other companies.

Government - A government agency or organization providing ancillary services to the drilling industry.

Retired - Any person retired from the industry.

Membership is valid January 1 - December 31. You will be invoiced 60 days prior to your renewal date.

All new member applications must be approved by the NDA Board during the next board meeting.