Why Join NDA?

Common Goals – We are looking to promote safety and maintain quality in the industry. None of us like to hear about injuries, shoddy drilling procedures or shortcuts that lessen the professional nature of how we conduct ourselves. Various safety and training materials are available at no cost to members including Tailgate Safety Tips, Sample Safety Plans and a Sample Safety Program.

Exchange of Information – We want to educate our members and ourselves while offering as much information as possible so that we are not just “a bunch of guys punching down a hole.” Employer/employee issues need to be addressed so that we are protected in today’s litigious society, but also employee situations can give us insight into better workplace environments.

Industry Updates – There are continuous improvements in existing systems, new safety issues and better ways of getting a sample, new systems for sampling and new tooling.

Support from Peers – Understanding that we all have the same problems, and that by talking with each other we can find the solutions we need. You might find that someone had a different approach to the same problem, handled it better or worse or avoided the problem in the first place. We’re all in the drilling business, competitive, professional, helpful, wanting to increase our business, but in the same vein, we need support also.

Network – Other NDA members will help you when you’re in their neighborhood with a rig and need some parts or materials. You never have to be hesitant to pass along the names of other NDA members when a client needs drilling in an area that is too far from you or if you do not have the required resources at the time.

Job Referrals – NDA members receive job inquiries from potential clients through their listing on the NDA website. The NDA office also receives phone and e-mail inquiries and will forward those inquiries to members via mass e-mail.

Training – NDA provides in-class training for NHI Subsurface Investigation Qualification and both in class and online training that will help employees achieve certifications.

Learning about advances in technology, different approaches to your business, networking, job referrals and teaming up with another individual on a possible project in the future. These are all benefits of membership in the National Drilling Association.