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August 2018 Meeting and Clay Target Shoot Photos

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June 2017

I would like to thank everyone that took part in the Tri-State Chapter meeting on Thursday, June 22nd. Having the support of the contractors, suppliers, manufacturers & Engineers is what keeps each chapter going. First we would like to thank Acker Drill, CME, Diedrich Drill, Hoffman Diamond Products and Hole Products for the cocktail hour and dinner. Also we would like to thank the NDA girls and Buckeye BOP for the door prizes. Also Bill Knorr from Mobile Drill with Tim Butler from Lumavate. They did a great job with their presentation.

The Tri-State Chapter was happy to have the National President Mike Willey & the National Vice President Rob Caho attend the meeting. We also had Mid-Atlantic members along with the Buckeye Chapter members. We appreciate the support given by all who attended.

As you all know, Frank Villella stepped down as the Tri-State President at this meeting. Frank has done an outstanding job and deserves a lot of credit for keeping the chapter going. He always had great pride for the chapter and its members. The best thing is he will still be involved and help in any way that he can. I (Eric Hajek) am now the Tri-State President with Calib Sturges as the Vice President. We look forward to trying to fill Frank’s shoes and make a difference in the industry whether they are big or small. We hope to start with getting the triple tube core barrels approved as a standard in Penn Dot’s specifications. From there we are going to work on core boxes and anything else that the local contractors need. We have great support from the local members, other NDA Chapters, and the National. So anything is possible if we all work together.

In the meantime if there is anything that we can do, please do not hesitate to ask. Thanks again for all your support.

Eric Hajek, Chapter President


December 2016

On December 14, 2016 the Tri-State & Buckeye chapters held a joint meeting at My Brother’s place ( Restaurant) in Grove City Pa. The evening started with a cocktail hour provided by Boart Longyear & dinner which was provided by Hoffman Diamond products. We had a great turnout of Driller’s, Manufacturers & Suppliers. A total of 22 people attended the joint meeting. After dinner we had a speaker Dave Brocious from the Marcellus Shale Coalition. David spoke to us about the upturn we will be seeing in this coming year in the oil & gas industry. Which also will help the geo-tech & environmental drilling industry. He spoke on pipelines, cracker plants and even exporting gas. The upcoming years look promising for our industry with all the new infrastructure the oil & gas industry can add to our country. It opens the opportunity for growth in all our communities with jobs and projects for steel mills, plastic manufacturers, and power providers. Then at close of the evening both the Tri-State & Buckeye Chapters had a briefing on both chapters and what is planned for the upcoming year. As always with all the support and interaction from everyone we had another successful meeting. On behalf of the Tri-State & Buckeye chapters we would like to thank everyone who was involved and everyone who attended the meeting. To a great 2017.

Eric Hajek, Tri State Vice President

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February 2016

The Tri-State Chapter held a dinner at 6:00 pm at Atria's Restaurant in Murrysville, PA on February 24th. Although there was a short meeting led by Chapter President Frank Villella, the real reason for the dinner was to celebrate the retirement of the Chapter's longtime friend and supporter, Roger Eisler of Central Mine Equipment for 37 years. The dinner was attended by thirty (30) suppliers and contractors including our National President, Mike Willey; Tom Connelly of the Connelly Dynasty; Past National President, Larry Gibel; and President of the Ohio Chapter, Todd Bromley. All had a great time telling their stories about Roger and even Roger had a few to tell. The Chapter presented him with a plaque, Terra Testing presented a logo jacket, a large gift basket was given by the National Drilling Association, and he even got a couple of bottles of his favorite bourbon. The event was sponsored by Tri-State Chapter, Terra Testing Inc., Diedrich Drill and Hoffman Diamond Products. 

It is always a great thing to see contractors and suppliers get together. It shows mutual respect, appreciation for what the association has done and can do for them, and a true desire to learn from each other. The attendees of any association meeting are truly the "Elite" of the industry.



August 2015

On August 15, 2015, the Tri-State Chapter held an event at Seven Springs Mountain Resort in Somerset, PA. The attendees had the choice of a 100 target sporting clay shoot or 18 holes of golf. At the event there were twelve (12) golfers and fifteen (15) for clay shooting. Following the clay shoot and golfing, the group all met at The Grille Sporting Clay Restaurant for a meeting and dinner. We announced the next meeting which will be October 2015, plans to support the National Drilling Association coming to Southpointe in 2016, and appointing Karen Hajek as Treasurer. We had 35 attendance for the meeting and dinner from ten (10) different companies- five (5) drilling companies and five (5) manufacturing companies. We would like to give a special "thank you" to Diedrich Drill (Rob Caho) and Mobile Drill (Bill Siar) for sponsoring the dinner event. Mobile Drill also supplied the golfers with golf balls, tees and ball markers. The Tri-State Drilling Contractors Association appreciates all the support from the attendees for this event and hope we can make this an annual event that grows more every year. Thank you to all that took part in this event to support the Tri-State Drilling Contractors Association and the National Drilling Association.

- Eric Hajek, VP, Tri-State Chapter